Are There Ziplines on Oahu?

Yes! Finally there are ziplines on Oahu. You have a choice between the Bayview Mini-Putt and Zipline in Kaneohe, Keana Farms Zipline in Kahuku and the recently opened Oahu zipline at Kualoa Ranch.  Later in 2015, you will also have the option of the zipline at  Coral Crater Adventure Park, located in Kapolei.

Oahu Zipline

What is Ziplining?

Ziplining is a thrilling adventure activity where cable is suspended between two support structures and a participant wears a harness attached to a pulley to ride down the cable using the force of gravity.

If you are asking what to do in Honolulu, look no further, ziplining is one of the most fun things to do for all ages.

Which Oahu Zipline Should I Choose?

Trying to find the best zipline on O‘ahu?  You are in the right place. We help you to choose the right one for you.

Right now there are three ziplines on O‘ahu and a third one is coming in 2015.  With the addition of Kualoa Ranch’s zipline, the decision is even more difficult.  If price is your only concern then Bay View is the obvious choice.

If you are looking for great views, you will enjoy Keana Farms or Kualoa.

Bay View Mini-Putt and ZiplineBayview - Oahu Zipline

The first zipline to be built on O‘ahu is Bay View Mini-Putt and Zipline.  This is a dual zipline that is 400 ft. long.  It starts in a treehouse and has nice views of Kaneohe bay.

Bayview’s reviews are mostly positive on TripAdvisor.  The negative reviews are generally from people who expected a longer zipline or more extensive forests.

It’s important that you know what you are getting before you arrive. If you are expecting a big zipline past a waterfall, then you are not going to be happy.  If you just want to check ziplining off your bucket list, this Oahu zipline is perfect.

This zipline is recommended for children (with short attention spans), parties because of the other facilities and the cost, first-time zipliners.

Keana Farms Zipline

Keana Farms Oahu Zipline

Climbworks Keana Farms Zipline is the newest Oahu Zipline.  It is the only complete zipline tour on O‘ahu.  The guided tour is 3 hours with zips over a farm on the north shore.  The 7 zipines have panoramic views of beautiful landscape and ocean.

This zipline is quite a bit more costly than Bayview, but it is a guided tour, which makes it very different. You are also paying for the education from the guides and multiple ziplines.

This zipline is recommended for experienced zipliners and adults.  It is also fun for kids who have an adventurous spirit.  This zipline is popular with visitors who have budgeted for the experience. Because it operates in groups, you have the opportunity to meet others as well.

Are Oahu Ziplines Safe?

We think so. Read more about Oahu zipline safety.

The Choice

Deciding which one is more beautiful is a waste of time because both Keana and Kualoa ziplines have gorgeous views. Both have a great staff who will allow you to have a fun day.  The courses are similar.  The major factors to determine what course to choose are price and availability.

In 2015 when Coral Crater Adventure Park opens, there will be 4 zipline locations on Oahu.  Which oahu zipline will you choose? Find out more details and make your decision about the Oahu Zipline tours.