Kualoa Ranch Zipline

Zipline at famous Kualoa Ranch, the filming location of Jurassic Park & Jurassic World.

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Make the most of your day by combining your zipline tour with a visit to one of Oahu’s most secluded beaches.

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Three Oahu Ziplines To Choose From!

Jurassic Zipline

Kualoa Ranch is the newest Oahu Zipline. Located about 45 minutes from Waikiki, this is a complete zipline tour with 7 different runs. The guided tour takes 2.5 hours and includes some short scenic hiking.

Zipline Adventure!

The Kualoa Ranch Zipline is fun for couples and families. We recommend that you combine it with other Kualoa Ranch activities. The Zip ‘n’ Dip is a perfect way to spend the day in Hawaii. Do a complete zipline tour, then relax, swim, and play at a secluded beach.

Zip ‘n’ Dip!

The scenery at Kualoa may be familiar as you will recognize some backgrounds used for filming Jurassic Park, Godzilla, 50 First Dates, Windtalkers, Hawaii Five-O, and Lost. This tour operates in groups, which can be fun as you get to meet others from around the world.

Zipline & ATV!

Kualoa Oahu Zipline

North Shore Zipline at Keana Farms

CLIMB Works Keana Farms Zipline is the North Shore Oahu Zipline. It is a complete zipline tour with beautifully designed structures. The guided tour is 3 hours with zips over a farm on the north shore. The 8 ziplines have panoramic views of beautiful landscapes and the ocean.

This zipline tour includes the longest zipline on Oahu. All dual zips range from from 500 feet to nearly half a mile long. Like Kualoa Ranch, it is a fully-guided zipline tour and for many visitors it makes a great introduction to Hawaii. The guides provide interesting information about the farming and North Shore lifestyle.

This zipline is recommended for adults and kids who have an adventurous spirit. There are two rappels, three sky bridges, a fun ATV adventure to the ridgetop, and other unique surprises. Because it operates in groups, you have the opportunity to meet others as well.

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Bay View Zipline, Kaneohe

The first zipline to be built on Oahu is Bay View Mini-Putt and Zipline. This is a 400 ft. long, dual zipline. It starts in a treehouse and has lovely views of Kaneohe Bay.

It’s important that you know what you’re getting before you arrive. If you are expecting a big zipline past a waterfall, then you are not going to be happy. If you just want to check ziplining off your bucket list, this Oahu zipline is perfect.

This zipline is recommended for children who are too young to zip at the others; parties, because of the other facilities and the cost; and first-time zipliners.

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