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Are you Afraid to Zipline?

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You don’t need to be afraid to zipline. Statistically it is very safe to zipline on a commercial zipline. Ziplining is a new activity and there are not decades of information about its safety. The best way to find out whether you should be afraid to zipline is by talking with an insurance company.

Insurance companies compile data and make decisions based on statistics rather than on public opinion or media reports. If you just watch the news about ziplining you will mostly find stories of injuries and accidents.  However, for the number of people ziplining daily, those accidents are few.

Statistically, ziplining is safer than golfing, horseback riding, football, frisbee, swimming, and many other sports. Are you afraid to golf?


Why be Afraid to Zipline?

There are two main reasons that people are afraid to zipline. They heard rumors or media reports about accidents or they are afraid of heights.


Media and Zipline Safety

Nearly everyone is aware that the media sensationalizes stories in order to get our attention. The stories about ziplining are no different. Most commercial ziplines have never had injuries that require hospitalization. It does not feel that way to most people because if someone has a slight zipline related injury, the media reports on it.

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Looking at media reports on ziplining injuries, you will find that most are about non-commercial ziplines. Backyard ziplines are far more dangerous than commercial ziplines. The reasons for this are: no guides, no engineers, lack of safety training, less safety equipment, no routine maintenance checks. A commercial line has these precautions and more to keep you safe.


Fear of Heights

The other reason that people are afraid of ziplining is a fear of heights. This is a common reason for missing out on some of life’s amazing experiences. One of the known ways to get over a fear of heights is to gradually expose yourself to the fear.

The best way to expose yourself is by ziplining. With all of the safety precautions, the statistical safety, and the guides to help you along, you can face your fears in safety.

If heights are your concern, start with the Bayview Zipline. there is only one line and relatively low. It is in a tree instead of off a cliff. Once you have conquered Bayview zipline, try one of the zipline tours for more variety.


Still not convinced?

Watch this 90 Chinese grandma zipline. She has been doing it daily since the 1930s. Her whole village has. I assure you the Oahu Ziplines have better equipment.

She says that she has never been hurt. Now there are no more reasons to be afraid to zipline.