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How to Choose an Oahu Zipline

If you’ve never been ziplining on Oahu, how can you choose which one to book? You read the online reviews and quickly realize that all of the ziplines get super-positive feedback, but that doesn’t really help you choose an Oahu zipline, does it?...

Fastest Zipline in the World

This is not an Oahu zipline, but we love the video. This is located in Wales and claims to be the second-longest and the fastest zipline in the world. The zipline has reached speeds over 100 mph. When it nears the end of the line, mini parachutes can be deployed to...
Environmental Friendliness

Environmental Friendliness cares about Oahu. In doing so we only promote and encourage guests to visit environmentally conscious ziplines.  Currently all of the ziplines on Oahu and those being built have employed environmentally sensitive methods to mitigate harm of...
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