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How to Complement your Zipline Acitivty

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Coming to Hawaii means you’ll be treated to a variety of perks: great food, comfortable and upscale lodging, beautiful sightseeing, and plenty of thrills and adventures. One of our favorites in the latter category is ziplining, and there are many other outdoor activities that can be enjoyed along with it.

Ziplining is an incredibly exciting and safe activity perfect for the whole family. Not only does it provide an adrenaline rush as you ride the line from platform to platform, the views you’re treated to are simply stellar. High above the canopies of some of Hawaii’s most lush rain forests, zipline courses provide breathtaking views of the islands.

But the fun needn’t end when your zip does; there’s much more than ziplining for adventure-seeking travelers. While ziplining should be high on your list of activities, there are other thrills that await.

ATV Rides

One of the finest complements to a ride high above paradise is one that takes you through it on the ground. Behind the wheel of an ATV, you’re able to tackle tight turns and bumpy terrain while soaking in the beauty of the areas you drive through.

ATV Single Adventure
ATV Single Adventure

Guests who prefer their adventures a bit lower key can enjoy a less raucous ATV tour that cruises through dense jungles and across open plains on one of the most magnificent sightseeing experiences there is. While not as fast-paced as the closed-course ATV experience, the visual beauty is just as exhilarating.

Underwater Adventures

If you’re curious about the inhabitants of the deep blue, there is a range of experiences that go well with a day of ziplining and fun. Whether it’s snorkeling with green sea turtles or deep-sea diving through sea caves and lava tubes, an entire world beneath the calm surface awaits.

For a real adrenaline rush, you can try taking a dip in a tempered steel cage while sharks swim around you, or to enjoy some of the Pacific’s more gentle creatures, you can swim with dolphins.

Catching the Waves

Maybe you’re not one for submerged exploration but still want to enjoy the refreshing waters of the Pacific. Hawaii’s coast is brimming with activities that keep your head above water. From surfing to paddle boarding, you can ride your way to a great time on the rolling waves.

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Parasailing moves the high-flying thrills of ziplining to the Pacific and gives the best view of the wide open ocean you could ask for. For a slightly less extreme adventure, try tackling a water jet-pack and see if you can perform mid-air tricks like back flips.

Hiking through Paradise

Miles of trails cut throughout the beauty of Hawaii, providing amazing hiking experiences that take visitors deep into the richest jungles, through dense forests, past stunning waterfalls, and across other incredible facets of this tropical paradise.

Hike up the side of active volcanoes, over mountainous terrain, or just enjoy a leisurely stroll across the white and black sanded beaches of the coast.