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Ziplining with the Stars

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Coming to Hawaii presents you with plenty of adventure opportunities difficult to find on the US mainland. Aside from traversing through a beautiful tropical environment brimming with natural attractions, there are also the man-made features that provide a variety of adrenaline rushes and thrills. By taking advantage of the wonderful natural aspects of the islands, many activities are amplified to new heights in ways you wouldn’t expect.

One of the most popular activities across Hawaii is ziplining, an exhilarating thrill ride that takes visitors across a variety of terrains through multiple, high-flying courses. You might wonder just how much better ziplining can get, and all it takes is the dipping of the sun and the appearance of the soft light of the moon.

Twilight Ziplining

The mix of colors and stretches of greenery across the islands are among the things that make ziplining so attractive. To soar over dense forests and see the Pacific Ocean disappear into the horizon is such an incredible sight, but the experience is amplified tenfold for adrenaline junkies when the sun sets. In the dark of night, under a million sparkling stars, you can take the ride of your life down a multi-course zipline attraction.

During a twilight zipline, instead of the rich colors of the islands, you’re treated to a serene scene of mountainous silhouettes and touches of tropical beauty softly lit by the twinkles in the night sky. Equipped with a glowing headlamp, riders light their way along a pitch-black path for one of the most breathtaking activities in the Hawaiian Islands.

Stargazing and Thrills

Stargazing and Thrills

Ziplining after dark combines high-speed ziplining with the wonder of stargazing into a clear night sky. Thanks to state-of-the-art rigging equipment, you’re able to simply lean back and watch as the stars zip past you. Without a care in the world, it’s easy to get lost in the tranquility that surrounds your ride from platform to platform.

Ride down multiple different courses, each one longer than the last, for an entire length that can easily stretch over several thousand feet. Beneath you is a variety of different types of terrain, from dense forests to wide open plains that get lost in the thick of night, overlooking a stretch of shadows that vanish deep into the horizon.

Ziplining for All

Even if you’re traveling with young children, ziplining is a great activity for all. While there are weight minimums and maximums that must be met, most zipline experiences in Hawaii are great for almost all ages. The harness system is a modernized design that takes care of the braking so you’re able to focus on the experience and not on when you’ll need to brake.

This also frees your hands up to take some stunning photographs to bring back home with you and share with friends and family.