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Is There a Honolulu Zip Line?

There is not a zip line in Honolulu City yet. A plan is in place to to put a zipline in Waikiki, which is a neighborhood in Honolulu. Right now there is not a City of Honolulu zip line.

Honolulu County makes up the entire island of Oahu. Therefore, there are currently three County of Honolulu zip lines.  You can book those zip line tours with us.

Hawaii Map for Honolulu Zip Lines

Honolulu County is the Island of Oahu.

For accuracy sake we should mention that some private properties have private zip lines. You might see photos or videos online of people riding these zip lines.  We discourage the use of private zip lines in most cases for safety reasons.

The number of Honolulu zip lines is expected to grow with the Waikiki Zip line at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and with Coral Crater Adventure Park.  As the industry changes you will know where to get the most updated information.  Right here on, the authority on Honolulu Zip Lines.

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