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Fastest Zipline in the World

Fastest Zipline at Zip World

This is not an Oahu zipline, but we love the video. This is located in Wales and claims to be the second-longest and the fastest zipline in the world.

The zipline has reached speeds over 100 mph. When it nears the end of the line, mini parachutes can be deployed to slow the rider down if necessary. Riders are positioned in a superman pose suspended head first. If you are feeling brave you can take the challenge at Zip World in Wales. Scared? Apparently, they had a 94-year-old zip once.

Oahu ziplines are not competing for speed. Competing for speed means that some people would not be able to enjoy the zipline experience. The minimum age at Zip World in Wales for this zipline is 10 years old. On Oahu the minimum zipline age is 6 years old at BayView Zipline. So age and fear would limit the number of people who can zip on the fastest zipline.

Oahu has so much beauty to offer and the ziplines are so much fun that you do not need to break 100 mph to enjoy the experience. Oahu ziplines have seen speeds of over 40 miles per hour, which is still pretty fast!

For the adrenaline junkies and speed freaks, keep hoping. Maybe one day Oahu will have the fastest zipline down the Nuuanu Pali.