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Go West: Ziplining and More at Coral Crater

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For many people, visiting Hawaii is a dream come true. Warm tropical waters, swaying palm trees and beach side drinks are strong draws to the Pacific Island chain. For locals and visitors alike, it’s a dreamy island paradise, full of once-in-a-lifetime activities. Whether you come to the islands to surf or relax, there is something for everyone. Naturally, each part of Oahu has its own unique flavor, and the west side is no different. Disney’s Aulani and other resorts at Ko Olina, a variety of golf courses, and stunning, virtually empty beaches are all hallmarks of Oahu least-visited coast.

Because of its distance to central Honolulu, many visitors never make it out to Makaha or Kapolei, content to stay close to the bustling action of Waikiki. There is no wrong way to see Oahu but there are some awesome activities for the whole family, if you’re willing to leave your comfort zone. Kapolei’s 25-acre Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii water park, conveniently located just off the freeway, is a perfect escape for the family, with two seven-story water slides and a multitude of other attractions.

Oahu Zipline - A view of the leeward coast from Naia Lagoon on west Oahu

Miles of uninhabited beaches with the beautiful and wild Waianae mountain range in the background make the west a great escape. In Waikiki, you’re lucky to carve out space among the throngs of people. Here you feel like a millionaire, lounging on your own secluded bit of picturesque sand. And don’t forget the golf. Similar to the crowded beaches of Honolulu, the golf courses in town can feel feel way overcrowded—after all, who wouldn’t want to play the gentleman’s sport in paradise? On the west side, however, you’ll feel as if you own the course!

If none of that piques your interest, how about ATV riding, ziplining, wall climbing, free falling, and the one and only King Swing? Oahu’s Coral Crater has the widest range of activities imaginable, and it’s the only place to zipline as the sublime Hawaiian sun disappears into the ocean. Hawaii sunsets are truly special, as the sun’s rays reflect off the ocean and clouds, painting the sky the most beautiful colors you’ve ever seen. There’s nowhere better to see such beauty than out west. Enjoy heavenly sunsets from a whole new perspective high atop a zipline course, soaring at speeds up to 30 MPH!

Coral Crater Monkey Guide

Feel like challenging the family to a race? See who’s the fastest to navigate a tricky aerial obstacle course. It’s a thrilling course, sure to have the family scampering to beat each other. How about a little laser tag? Armed with a replica M4 laser gun, you’re tasked with shooting targets while flying through the air. But that’s not all! Also included in the package is ATV riding. While one drives, the other shoots. See how many targets you can hit during an extended ATV drift!

Every zipline location in Hawaii brings something special to the table; after all, we’re in paradise. So break away from the crowd and head west! Visit Coral Crater where there really is something for everyone. From heart-stopping free-falling to trying your hand at scaling a vertical wall, no one walks away disappointed.