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Hawaii Ziplines: Zipline Adventures on all the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii Zipline on Big Island, Kauai, Oahu, Maui and More!

From sunny beaches to World War II bunkers, Hawaii is filled with vacation hot spots. For an exciting adventure, visitors can check out the many Hawaii zipline adventures available on the islands. Check out the site of Jurassic Park from the sky or soar along a coastal beach. Whatever you are looking for, you will find the perfect zipline tour in Hawaii to meet your needs.

Hawaii Zipline

Flying Across the Pacific

On Maui, visitors can check out one of the top ziplines in the state. Regularly ranked as the top thing to do in Hawaii Magazine, this zipline soars above the Pacific Ocean. Visitors can enjoy having panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and nearby islands as they race down the ziplines. From sparkling mountain pools to serene beaches, Maui’s ziplines offer the perfect blend of adventure and natural beauty.

Oahu Ziplines: Designed for the Thrill Seeker

Oahu is home to every ziplining adventure that you could want. The main base on this island is at the Kualoa Ranch. Home to the film Jurassic Park, this ranch offers miniature hikes, two suspension bridges and seven tandem ziplines. For a different style of adventure, visitors can blend their tour with ATV riding, swimming or horseback riding.

Other alternatives on Oahu include the North Shore Zipline by CLIMB Works at Keana Farms and the Bayview Zipline. The North Shore Zipline encompasses a three-hour tour on one of the island’s longest ziplines. The longest zipline at the North Shore spans nearly a half a mile in length. In addition to flying down eight world-class ziplines, visitors can enjoy ATV rides, two rappels, a working agricultural farm and three sky bridges. For a shorter experience, the Bayview Zipline includes three rides down a 400 foot zipline just 25 minutes away from Waikiki.

Big Island Adventures

On the Big Island, one of the most popular zipline tours is at the Umauma Falls. Offered with swimming and kayaking experiences, this zipline includes two miles of ziplining in total. The gorgeous Umauma Falls are made up of 14 waterfalls that are stunning to see. For the true waterfall lover, this is the zipline to go on.

Kauai Ziplines

For the adventure seeker, Kauai offers a range of ziplining adventures. Locations like the Koloa Zipline are designed to educate you while providing a thrilling experience. Visitors can choose to add to their zipline tour with ATV rides and sunset ziplining. While on the tour, visitors can enjoy gorgeous views of Kauai’s south shore and the 22,000 acres of Hawaii’s first sugar plantation.

Preparing for the Hawaii Zipline Adventure of a Lifetime

You do not want to waste your zipline tour with bug bites and sunburns. Before you leave, pack some sunblock and bug repellent to keep your skin healthy for the entire tour. Visitors who have a spinal injury, a recent surgery or are currently pregnant should not go on the zipline. Before leaving, put on closed-toed shoes and tuck back any loose clothing. Jewelry should be avoided and long hair should be safely pulled back. All participants should be at least 6 years old and weigh over 60 pounds.

Hawaii Zipline Waterfalls

Experience the adventure of a lifetime in beautiful Hawaii. From stunning waterfalls to teeming jungles, visitors can enjoy the best that Hawaii has to offer. Local tour guides educate about the tour as you begin each zipline adventure. From learning about local flora and fauna to horseback riding into the sunset, you can enjoy the best that Hawaii has to offer. Pick your favorite island or sign up for them all—whatever you do, make sure to pack your camera because this will be the adventure of a lifetime.