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Hawaii’s Longest Zipline

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There’s no denying that Hawaii is rich with ziplining experiences, each providing its own thrills across the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. With so many courses to choose from, it can be difficult to pinpoint which to tackle during your limited time in the islands.

This is where Hawaii’s longest zipline comes into play. Though falling short by a few thousand feet from matching the longest zipline in the world in Puerto Rico, the lengthy zipline is one of Maui’s most prominent thrills.

Tandem Zipline on OahuA Lengthy Thrill Ride in Paradise

Hawaii’s longest zipline stretches over 8 different courses that start mildly at 250 ft and amps up the excitement to a 3,600 ft run. Over a variety of different terrains, riders dangle over the beauty of Maui as they zip down from one platform to the next, drinking in the scenery that surrounds them. Riders cross over nine green valleys and 11 beautiful ridges on their thrilling zipline run.

The long ride down, which swoops over valleys, thick green forestry, and lush tree canopies, offers the best views of Maui that one can imagine. The beauty of Maui surrounds this long zipline journey, ensuring riders get astounding, panoramic views, and thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment, guests are easily able to snag a few photos.

Oahu Zipline - ClimbW3CA Day’s Worth of Fun

This high-flying experience is about more than just being Hawaii’s longest zipline. It’s about getting an overview of Maui’s culture while adding a certain flair of excitement to your vacation. You start your day-long excursion with an ATV ride from the culture-rich Maui Tropical Plantation through Waikapu Valley, which you’ll soon be soaring over.

From the valley, the ziplining experience starts with a scaling of the first platform and brief rundown of the equipment and safety procedures. Even for newcomers to ziplining, everything is easy to understand and the modern equipment makes it easy to enjoy the ride without worry. Once equipped with the proper information, riders set off on the first of the eight courses, the shortest and tamest of the lines that serves as an introduction to ziplining.

The further down the course you go, the more exciting it becomes as the lines get gradually longer and continue to provide the same incredible views. By the eighth line, riders will have viewed and experienced many of the differing terrains that make up the island of Maui, including large valleys and dense rain forests.

The conclusion of Hawaii’s longest zipline is met with an ATV ride back down the valley to Maui Tropical Plantation, ending the well-rounded experience of Maui’s finest features and the island’s most exhilarating activities. Perfect for all ages, Hawaii’s longest zipline is a must-do attraction during any trip to Maui.