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How to Entertain Your Children?

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Ziplining and Family Fun

Who thought you could have a wholesome family experience on a tropical island? With the possibility of many more adult activities, like driving around in an ATV or soaring overhead in a helicopter, it’s easy to forget that the islands are also a great place to bring children. If you’re traveling with little ones in tow or even if you just want to enjoy a great family trip,

While you can engage your child’s imagination and education at the Bishop and Jaggar museums, we think they should enjoy thrills and excitement in the Sun just as much as any other traveler to this tropical paradise.

For that, we’ve compiled some suggestions to choose from, a selection of our finest, child-friendly activities!

A Ride on the Pacific

You’ve brought them to an island paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so why not allow them the opportunity to see the great blue for themselves. Our simple-to-enjoy boat tours of the great depths is a no-hassle journey over the rolling waves of the Pacific. As the catamaran gets further away from the coast, you and your family will get to see exotic wildlife as it glides by the boat. Dolphins will swim in the boat’s wake, as if to guide you safely to and from the coast.

If you opt for the ability to, you can even hop in and go for a quick swim in the warm waters and get up-close and personal with tropical fish like the parrotfish. What better way for your kids to learn all about Hawaii’s ecology than to swim right next to it?


Most kids love a good game of mini-golf, so imagine how they’re going to like it when they square off in 18-holes of putt putt golf within this tropical paradise. Choose between two 18-hole courses, each with their own set of hazards and obstacles. It’s a simple way to have a lot of fun with the family and not separate yourself from the beauty of Hawaii.

Bayview Zipline Over Putt
Bayview Zipline Over Putt

Overhead, other travelers will soar on by, attached to the next exciting activity that you and your children are going to undoubtedly enjoy!


It looks like it may be too thrilling for children, but ziplining is a great activity for anyone young and old, though you’re bound to feel young at heart once you’re strapped in and sent flying over Hawaiian terrain.

So long as your child meets a minimum weight limit of 60 lbs and 6 years old, they’ll be perfect to strap in and glide over beautiful Hawaii! Ziplining is a staple activity of the islands, providing a mix of thrills, unforgettable fun, and unbelievable views.

Dual Ziplines with Kids of ALL Ages
Dual Ziplines with Kids of ALL Ages

Our state-of-the-art harnessing ensures guest safety allows riders to focus on the experience with no worries to hold them back from experience complete freedom. Let our modern line regulate your speed and braking and just spread your arms and let the warm tropical air rush against you.