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More Than Just Ziplining At Keana Farms

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Aloha, tropical traveler!

If there’s one thing that booking a vacation to Hawaii says about you it’s that you have good taste and are looking for fun! Though many travelers say they just want a nice relaxing vacation, to come to a place as diverse and beautiful as Hawaii and not take part in some of the more thrilling activities would really be doing yourself a disservice.

At Keana Farms, a little slice of fun on the island of Oahu, you can enjoy a little bit of relaxation surrounded by more excitement and adventure than you can imagine.

What awaits at Oahu’s most thrilling stretch of working agriculture? We’re glad you asked!


Ziplining is likely the biggest reason people come to Keana Farms, and with very good reason. As one of Oahu’s longest ziplining courses, Keana Farms’ zipline tour is a three-hour guided experience over multiple different courses. Ranging in length from 500 to 2400 feet, each stretch of line soars over the gorgeous green treetops that surround the farms and provides an amazing view of the land that stretches beyond this exhilarating paradise.

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Eight side-by-side runs provide visitors with extensive thrills, but Keana Farms is about more than just the ziplining. Read on for some other adventures that await.

ATV Excursions

If flying high isn’t your thing but you still want to view the beautiful sights of Keana Farms, an ATV ride to the top of the nearby mountain is a great option. A ten-minute, two-mile ride with no more than six other passengers takes you to the very top, past various farms and through a lush jungle that offers plenty to look at. Along the way, you’ll experience some of the many different landscapes that Hawaii has to offer.

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Explore the Farm and Local Culture

Looking for something more than adventure? Keana Farms also includes fully-working stretches of land that produce over a million pounds of usable produce a year. Stroll through fields of papaya, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and many other crops to see where much of the island’s fresh fruit comes from.

As you explore, be sure to taste some of the delectable morsels you find along the way. There’s nothing like a freshly-picked piece of fruit to round out an already incredible day.

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Thrills Galore

From ziplining to fruit tasting, Keana Farms is bursting with things to do. There are scenic boardwalks spread throughout the farms, giving beautiful views of the marvelous wonder surrounding the farm, sky bridges take you up high for views of the horizon, and a rappelling adventure that lets you scale down a wall for an unexpected thrill.

There’s a ton of fun and excitement waiting for you at Keana Farms, but the one thing you’ll notice above all is the incredible view. Stretched far into the distance is a sea of greenery that invites you to take part in the many adventures that await.