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New Oahu Zipline Coral Crater Adventure Park

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What activities are you planning for your trip to Hawaii? There’s probably a good chance that cycling, beach time, barbecue, ATV tours, and ziplining are on the list, and Coral Crater Adventure Park offers all these and more. Instead of planning each of your activities individually, why not leave the details to the adventure experts?

Coral Crater Adventure Park is one of the newest outdoor parks on Oahu and is situated in Kapolei, less than an hour by car from Waikiki. The 23-acre west Oahu attraction invites families to spend a fun day in an environment with lots of trees and open green space, picnic areas, playgrounds, and of course, adventure sports.

Ziplines at Coral Crater Adventure park

While ziplining is certainly one of the highlights in Coral Crater Adventure Park, there are other activities that attract local residents as well as visitors year-round. You can drop by for a 30-minute adrenaline rush or spend an entire day exploring the adventure options of the park. Groups are always welcome, so bring your family, a bunch of friends, bachelor/ette party, or team-building excursion. Large groups can even buy out the whole park for a day of fun challenges and relaxation outside.

Dual Ziplines with Kids of ALL Ages
Dual Ziplines for Kids of All Ages

The purpose of the park is to let you experience the excitement of adventure sports in a safe environment. Take just that one step out of your comfort zone, meet a new challenge and push your limits. Experienced guides are at your side at every activity to make sure you’re safe. The Adventure Tower is perfect for those who want to test their balance at a dizzying height. There’s also a climbing wall and a free-fall experience that will definitely get your blood moving.

The King Swing

The King Swing is quite a step up from your childhood pastime. It’s a giant swing right above a natural cliff. This wild ride lets you enjoy panoramic views of beautiful Oahu as you swing above the edge. For those who like to see the island from above, there are six state-of-the-art ziplines. Start small or go straight for the tall ones and enjoy the feeling of soaring above the lush tropical landscape.

Giant Swing
Giant Swing


For those who like to race and prefer land over air, an ATV race through the off-road course is just ticket. Don’t be afraid to get a little muddy here! You can race your friends or just navigate the trail on your own. Alternatively, you can take an electric mountain bike out on the trail. There’s no experience needed, and we’ll show you how to tackle the more challenging sections of the ride. These aren’t your normal mountain bikes; they use a technology called pedal assist. An electric engine charges up as you pedal, and then helps you move forward when you go uphill.

ATV Action Curve
ATV Action Curve

Electric Mountain Bikes

The electric mountain bikes are also available for a cruise down to the beautiful white sand beaches of Kapolei. So bring a swimsuit and cool off in the ocean after warming up with your mountain bike tour.

Beach Bike Rental on Oahu

Laser Guns

If you’re looking for yet another thrill to add to your outdoor activities, join the zombie apocalypse laser gun adventure. We equip you with the latest models of laser machine guns that feel just like the real thing. You and your friends will enter a world that’s crawling with a zombie infestation. Only head shots will finish off the zombies, so bring your best aim and work with your team. Laser guns are also available for target shooting while you soar down a zipline!

Want to bring your friends or family on this adventure but don’t actually want to participate in the adventure activities? Do you have small children with you? In that case, you can take advantage of the beautifully landscaped playgrounds and shady rest areas that invite you to enjoy a picnic or simply have a good time playing outside.

Zipline Laser Guns