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An Oahu Zipline Overview

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Are you looking for an extra thrill that will make your trip to Hawaii unforgettable? Then ziplining may be just the right thing for you. This activity is not for the faint hearted. Ziplining includes climbing up to lofty heights, getting strapped into a safety harness and then flying back down to the ground along a sloping steel line.

For those who dare to embark on this adventure, Oahu offers four state of the art facilities to choose from. To choose the right one for your tour, there are several factors to consider. One is of course the height and length of the available lines. Are you looking for a first taste or do you seek the ultimate thrill? Location is another factor. If you are already planning a tour to a specific area or have another island attraction in mind, look for a zipline that is near your other destinations and save time on transportation. Finally, also check out the other activities that each facility offers. You may get a good deal on a package and spend the whole day without having to drive from one place to another.

Tandem Zipline on Oahu

So let’s consider the options: Bay View Park is the smallest facility, offering only one line that starts at 40ft height and gives you an exhilarating 400ft long ride. This line is perfect for those who aren’t sure yet if ziplining is the right thing for them, or for families with children. Kids who are at least 6 years old and weigh a minimum of 60lbs are welcome to join the ride. The special feature of the Bay View line is that this is a dual track system, this means that you can ride simultaneously with your friends or a loved one to see who reaches higher speed! Besides the zipline, Bay View also offers two mini putt tracks and several party areas where you can have a celebration with special activities. Bay View Park is located in Kaneohe, on the windward side.

The next bigger option is Coral Crater in Kapolei. Situated about a one hour drive from Honolulu, it can easily be reached by city dwelling visitors. Coral Crater Adventure Park thrills its guests with six ziplines, up to 65 feet high and a heart stopping 900 feet long. Coral Crater invites small guests who weigh 40-60 lbs to ride tandem. Kids with a bodyweight over 60 lbs may go solo. Besides ziplining Coral Crater also offers mountain bike tours, beach tours, ATV tours and an aerial adventure tower, where you can experience climbing, swinging and free fall from the tall obstacle course. A special offer in Coral Crater is the use of state of the art laser guns. Use them to shoot at targets while racing down a zipline or join the Zombie Apocalypse adventure, where you get to free Hawaii from the zombie invasion.

Do you like to get further away from the city and into the lush green of the windward side? Then Kualoa Ranch may be the right choice for you. At the ranch, seven ziplines will get your blood moving. The Kualoa lines are up to 100ft high and 1300 feet long. Feel free like a bird as you soar through the skies above picturesque Kualoa ranch. With a view of the sharp mountain ridges, the turquoise beaches and lush Ka’a’awa valley, this ride will not only give you and adrenaline rush, but also a real taste of the beauty of Oahu. Kualoa Ranch has a wide range of activities in stock for you, including horseback riding through the valley, ATV tours, access to a secret beach, catamaran sailing and a tour around the various Hollywood movie sites in Ka’a’awa valley.

Ziplining on Oahu


ests who stay in the north shore area or plan a trip there should consider a visit to Climbworks Ziplines. Situated near world famous surfing beaches such as Sunset and Pipeline, Climbworks will be just along the way of your north shore exploration. Here you find the tallest and longest ziplines on the Island – up to 150ft high and an incredible half mile in length, these lines will make you feel like you can ride on forever. From the Climbworks property, you will enjoy stunning views of the shore, the tree tops below you and the fully functional fruit farm that surrounds the adventure area. Besides ziplining, Climbworks also offers other adrenaline-inducing activities like rapelling. While you are there, the staff will be happy to teach you some things about the tropical farm and the history of the famous north shore.

Whether you chose just the right zipline for you or tour through all of them – Oahu ziplines are sure to get your blood moving and knees shaking. Enjoy the special thrill as you take in the unique beauty of the nature that surrounds you on Oahu!