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You’ve booked your travel to Oahu, ensured you have a place to sleep, and even picked out a few fine local eateries to try during your stay.

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Duration: 15 to 20 minutes

A Pendulum of Fun

Bet you feel like you’re done, right? You have the essentials taken care of, so what more could there be to worry about? What about the fun? What about something that really breaks you out of your reserved shell and has you screaming primordially from the sudden burst of adrenaline?

It may sound a little extreme, especially since you’ve come to Oahu to relax amongst a tropical paradise, but there’s nothing about our King Swing adventure that takes away from the rest of your vacation. If anything, it’ll amplify your days of relaxation and maybe even teach you something about yourself – such as how you really do enjoy the feeling of your stomach jetting into your chest.

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Swinging to Excitement

When you hear the term “King Swing,” chances are you may be thinking of an oversized version of a playground swing. Let’s clear that up first, because this is far from your typical children’s entertainment. This is an aerial attraction that is perfect for thrill seekers that are looking for that short adrenaline rush.

Like those tame playground swings, your feet are off the ground. Unlike those child-friendly playsets, you’re hoisted 50-feet into the air where you’re bound to get an incredible view of distant Oahu. That view doesn’t stay, though, as the moment you reach peak height, you’re dropped into a heart-stopping freefall.

You’ll swing upwards of 100-ft off the ground as the harness rocks you like a pendulum, first rushing you face-first towards the ground then back up towards the crystal blue skies of Hawaii. Feel a refreshing rush of fresh air with each drop and try to catch a glimpse of the beauty that outlines the island of Oahu.

Saftey MeasuresThe King Swing is an amazing experience for adrenaline junkies and can even do some good for travelers that may not know what their own limits are.

If you’ve never pushed yourself to do something wacky and different, the King Swing is a safe and exciting means of trying out something you normally stray from, which may explain why it’s one of Oahu’s most popular attractions.

The Fine Print

All participants in the King Swing are required to sign a waiver, but don’t worry, this incredible attraction is extremely safe. All riders are fastened into a safety harness that hugs your body every leg of the experience. You may feel like you’re freefalling, but you’re always safe and secure.

The ride does offer extreme thrills, so if you are known to faint at the sight of great heights, it may not be for you. The King Swing is great for adventurers of all ages, but to ride this ride, a minimum weight of 60 lbs and a maximum weight of 275 lbs must be met!

Duration: 15-20 minutes
Minimum Weight: 60 lbs.
Maximum Weight: 275 lbs.
Minimum Age: 6 years old

All participants must sign a waiver prior to participation. Save yourself some time and fill it out online!

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Cancellation Policy

  • Changes and cancellations are allowed up to 17:00 local time, 3 business days prior to the activity.
  • Any cancellations made after 17:00 local time, 3 business days prior to the activity will be subject to a charge of 100% of the total amount.
  • All participants must sign a participation form. Those under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign for them. Anyone under 18 years old must have someone 18 or older ziplining with them.
  • To participate in this activity everyone must be at least 6 years old and weigh under 275 lbs.
  • Guests between 40 – 60 lb. and at least 6 years old can still participate but may be required to ride tandem with a guide.
  • Clothing restrictions: All guests must wear closed-toed shoes. No Chacos or Five Finger shoes.
  • Long hair should be pulled back and loose jewelry or clothing should be avoided or tucked away.
  • There is no smoking on the tour.
  • People with certain conditions are NOT allowed on the tour:
    • Guests who are pregnant
    • Those who suffer from medical conditions that may require immediate attention.
    • Those with existing or recurring injuries or who have recently had major knee, back, or leg surgeries.
    • Anyone under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or anything else that impairs judgement.
    • Those with serious mental or physical handicaps or disorders that would interfere with their ability to complete the mental and physical tasks occurring throughout the tour.

Remember to Bring:

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • Bug repellent. Mosquitoes are not prevalent, but may be in the rain forest.
  • Jacket for rain or warmth.
  • Don’t forget your camera.
  • Long pants and closed-toed shoes.
  • Guide gratuity is not included and not required, but encouraged.
Q: What if my son is under 80lbs? He's 75lb.
— Asked by Bruce on July 26, 2016
A: Yes. We can help him meet the weight requirement by wearing a body weight, backpack or going tandem with a guide.
— http://Bruce
Q: I would like to book the Adventure Tower this weekend to celebrate my son's birthday. I have two children who are under 4'6", do I have to purchase 2 guides or can I just go with 1? Second question...My daughter is about 56 pounds, will she be able to go on the Adventure Tower? Thank you!
— Asked by Lynn on July 27, 2017
A: One guide is able to assist 3 children at a time, so you will only need one. Please note that if you or someone else in your party are participating , you are able to assist your children without an additional guide.
— http://Bruce

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