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Rihanna Ziplined on Oahu

Oahu is a world class destination and Oahu ziplines are quickly becoming the hottest thing to do.  Last week, Rihanna visited Oahu and after attending a wedding she went ziplining. Yes Rihanna ziplined on Oahu.

There is proof.


#Rihanna preparing to zip line in Hawaii #ButIsItNEW

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Want to know at which one of our excellent locations Rihanna ziplined?  Look at the helmet on her friend. The writing appears backwards, but it says Kualoa. Kualoa Ranch Zipline is one of the recommended ziplines here on Oahuzipline.com  In fact, our most popular zipline tour is the Kualoa Ranch Zip n’ Dip, which includes swimming along with the 7 line zipline.

Rihanna is no stranger to Kualoa. Last time she was here the zipline was not opened yet, but she has held an outdoor concert at Kualoa Ranch and part of her movie Battleship was filmed at Kualoa.

While we do not have video of when Rihanna ziplined at Kualoa, but we have something much better.  This is Rihanna’s pre zipline preparation.

#Rihanna twerking in Hawaii. A video posted by Rihanna Follows (@therih.up) on

#Rihanna twerking in Hawaii.

A video posted by Rihanna Follows (@therih.up) on

If you aspire to be like Rihanna, check out the Kualoa Ranch Zipline Tour. Just do us a favor and hold off on twerking until after the safety briefing.