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In an age when it seems like everything is changing more and more rapidly, we often think about what the future has in store. We ask ourselves, “What does the future of driving look like?” and “Will we eventually colonize the moon?” But have you ever wondered about the future of ziplining?

We have. The concept of ziplining has changed a lot over the years, evolving out of a system of rickety pulleys used to ferry goods or people across inconvenient natural formations. It served a purely practical purpose. Over time, of course, ziplining became more about fun and adventure. So, how do we see the future of ziplining in Hawaii?

We have some ideas, but we’re also not against ziplining staying pretty much the way it is.

Does the Future of Ziplining Include Virtual Reality?

Does the future of ziplining include Virtual Reality?

Does the future of ziplining include Virtual Reality?

While the pairing of virtual reality and ziplining has been attempted in some lines around the globe, it’s not yet a widely utilized technology. It is possible that it will eventually become the norm, providing riders with a unique opportunity to enjoy the thrills of, say, ziplining across the surface of the moon.

That sounds pretty cool. After all, who wouldn’t want to zipline through space? But, the whole point of ziplining is to experience the natural world around you. If you were to zipline across Kualoa Ranch with a VR headset on, you would miss everything there is to enjoy about the actual Kualoa Ranch, including the movie filming locations. By wearing a headset, you’re missing out on the emerald greenery, mountainous cliffs, and stretches of vibrant canopies.

A better alternative may be incorporating Augmented Reality, such as seeing dinosaurs running below as you fly over the filming locations of Jurassic Park. Now, that sounds cool.

Accompanied Drone Photography

Drones may someday accompany you on your ziplining adventure

Drones may someday accompany you on your ziplining adventure

With the advent of drones, it’s only a matter of time before they become a staple of the ziplining experience. Imagine being able to have your entire ziplining experience recorded and photographed from above and alongside you, no matter how high and how fast you’re going.

Sure, you can bring a camera or a GoPro on your ride, but then the responsibility of recording the ride and not dropping your device is on you. The issue with drone technology becomes clear with heavily forested areas, like much of Coral Crater Adventure Park. The drone may be able to catch snippets of your ride from overhead, but to be worthwhile, this type of photography would require the open space that so many of Hawaii’s ziplines simply don’t have

Our Vision of the Future of Ziplining

Sometimes, it’s okay for things to stay the same. As they say, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it—and we definitely don’t think ziplining is broken. Of course, there is always room for improvement, such as we’ve seen in better braking systems and more comfortable harnesses.

Kualoa Ranch

Who needs virtual when reality looks like this?

But we think you don’t need a virtual reality headset to enhance your time at Kualoa Ranch, and we certainly don’t want to see zipline companies clearing trees for the sake of drone photography. The thrill is in the experience that’s laid out in front of you, and when you think of the ziplines on Oahu, it’s quite an experience.

At Kualoa Ranch, you fly through Hollywood’s “Backlot of the Pacific,” where you can imagine your favorite blockbusters coming to life as you soar over their iconic settings. Coral Crater delivers a high-speed journey through the wilds of Oahu, sending you flying at canopy height to enjoy the views of emerald green all around you. On Oahu’s North Shore, CLIMB Works at Keana Farms invites you to experience the longest zipline in Hawaii while flying over stretches of working farmland with the sparkling blue Pacific in the distance.

More often than not, adding whiz-bang technology takes away from the core experience more than it adds. While change is inevitable, we’re happy to offer the classic ziplining thrills you’re looking for during your vacation in the Hawaiian Islands.

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