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The Zipline for Beginners

Oahu Zipline - Kid Ziplining and Having Fun

Have you been considering ziplining but feel that the thrills may be a bit too much for you? Are you at least a little curious whether you’d enjoy soaring over the expanses of your favorite tropical islands? While many ziplines travel well over a thousand feet, covering a large area of dense rainforest, there’s a more suitable option out there for those who just want to get their feet wet and see if the adventure is right for them.

As one of Hawaii’s most popular activities, we always recommend trying out ziplining at least once, and this beginner’s zipline experience is a great starting point. This shorter zipline course is the perfect way to get a feel for whether the longer variety should be next while still experiencing the thrills of this amazing ride.

The Half-Zip

Where many ziplines stretch over six or more courses, the half-zip is a shorter experience meant for beginners and children. Three different lines, ranging in length from 300 to 900 feet, offer the same visual experience in a smaller bite. You’re still flying high over the island’s beauty, the expanse of dense greenery following you below.

Canopies of the rich rain forests breeze by your feet while views of the island open up around you. Long stretches of open plains, golden coastlines, and, of course, the sparkling waters of the Pacific are just as visible along this shorter zipline ride as on any of the lengthier ones.

First, you buckle into a harness, which implements a state-of-the-art safety system, to keep you secure and comfortable along your journey. This equipment is optimized to let you kick back and enjoy the ride and even takes care of braking as you get to the next platform. If you’re comfortable enough, you can let go, spread your wings, and just let the warm tropical air hit you or bring your camera along for proof of your brave journey high up in the island sky.

Family-Friendly FunOahu Zipline - kid zip

Though ziplining may look like a thrilling activity meant just for adults, even the longer ziplines are family-friendly excursions great for children of all ages. This shorter course may be a little better suited for younger children, so long as they weigh more than 60 lbs.

An option for tandem ziplining ensures that kids don’t need to soar by themselves and can have someone they trust riding with them. Point out some of the sights as you zip down with your younger fellow-rider and help them better appreciate not just the incredible experience of flying high over the island’s unforgettable beauty but the views presented as they do so.

If it’s an introduction to ziplining you’re looking for, our half-zipline experience is the best you’ll find.