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Tips for Capturing Awesome Shots While You’re Ziplining

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Ziplining in Hawaii is an experience you’ll never forget. Not only will you be flying through the air at more than 20 miles an hour, you’ll be doing it in one of the most beautiful and sought-after destinations in the world! Unique plant and animal life surround you, the true locals of our tropical home. The only way it could be better is if you have the photo and video to make all your friends and family back home envious. As they say, “Pics or it didn’t happen!” Luckily, we have you covered, not only with helmet GoPros but also the best tips and tricks to get the perfect shot while airborne.

Go for GoPro

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Our ziplines are hands-free, so you have the option of holding your phone and Snapchatting to your heart’s content. However it’s trickier than it sounds, and there is always the chance of losing your precious phone; during your vacation that could be considered a tragedy. GoPros have long become the standard for action shooting in high-definition. As we mentioned earlier, we offer rentals for a nominal fee. If you decide to bring your own, be sure you have an appropriate mount. In our experience, the helmet or chest mount or a selfie stick are the three best ways for capturing your aerial maneuvers in paradise.


Kualoa Zipline Shaka

Our ziplines are set-up as a series of platforms, from which you soar from one to the next. By taking turns, the one who goes first can catch the action from the end of the zipline as you come soaring toward them, screaming, making faces, or throwing a shaka. While action shots are fun, they can sometimes be a bit hectic. We’ve found the most Instagram-worthy shots usually come from a stationary member of your group, snapping away as you give yourself over to the adrenaline rush. When possible, our local guides are also happy to share their photography skills and catch you in action.

Utilize Video

During your heart-pumping ride through the treetops, photos may be your first instinct for capturing the excitement. Unfortunately, many times the speed of the zipline may blur some of your shots. By using video, as opposed to attempting still pictures, you can take your favorite screen grabs and save those as still shots. Action shooting isn’t the easiest; that’s why extreme photographers earn the big bucks. That being said, over the length of our zipline course, whether from platforms or from the air, you’ll have ample opportunity to get the perfect shot.