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The Unexpected Health Benefits of Ziplining

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Some activities are considered more healthy than others, but it’s really all relative. For example, jumping out of an airplane wouldn’t be in the top ten ways your doctor would recommend for getting your daily dose of exercise. However, skydiving does certainly get your heartbeat up and offer plenty of fresh air. So when you compare falling out of a plane at 100 miles an hour to sitting around watching TV, all of sudden it seems quite healthy. It all depends on how you look at it. In that vein, here are five benefits of ziplining that can be good for you.

Fresh Air

Fresh air in Hawaii isn’t too hard to come by; we’re lucky that way. That being said, our zipline courses are located far away from the hustle and bustle of town and give you a true taste of fresh air and beautiful silence. Between our tropical trees pumping crisp, clean oxygen and the native birds—along with your screams of excitement—providing a soundtrack, our ziplining courses present the perfect outlet for wild exhilaration and serene tranquility.

Confidence Booster

Benefits of Ziplining

Of all of the benefits of ziplining, the feeling of accomplishment is one we hear from our guests most often. Especially for those with a fear of heights, conquering a zipline course allows you to face your fears in a completely safe, yet, absolutely thrilling exercise. Running and jumping off a platform, suspended hundreds of feet in the air, hurtling 25-plus miles an hour is a rush you won’t forget and one that may embolden you in parts of your life you never thought of previously. Who knows, perhaps approaching a cutie at a bar or giving a speech at work might not seem like such a big deal after tackling flight!

Blow Off Steam

Life is stressful, of that there is no doubt. Vacation is your time to relax, chill, and forget all the daily worries you left behind. Hawaii allows you and your family to do that all day, every day you’re here. Our beaches, hikes, even people are relaxed; it’s just our thing. However, it is good to shock the system every now and then and what better way than to combine peacefulness and adventure! Our ziplines aren’t merely some structures erected in a field. As you walk from one heart-rousing line to another, you’re hiking in our stunning rainforests and taking in natural sights not to found anywhere else. You even get a can’t-miss view of our coastline and beaches, where your mai tai awaits you after our heart-pumping joy ride!

Open New Doors

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Trying new things always opens the potential of finding new and exciting hobbies. Perhaps our ziplining courses will so thoroughly blow your mind that you’ll decide to take up parasailing or kiteboarding. We’ve had many guests fall in love with the experience so much they begin to pick vacation destinations based on where other awesome ziplines are located. Ziplining on its own is a great, safe and electrifying activity, but doing it in a tropical paradise or other exotic location only adds to the experience.

Improves Eyesight

This may sound like the most far-fetched of the benefits of ziplining, but it has some merit. Many people’s jobs require them to sit at a desk most the day, staring at a computer screen. According to the National Health Services, “Both sport and relaxation outdoors appear to be beneficial in reducing the risk of short-sightedness.” What better way to relax your eyes than flying through beautiful, tropical Hawaii?

Obviously, ziplining isn’t a panacea and likely won’t dramatically change your health, but ziplining in Hawaii is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we’re sure you won’t regret. So come take the plunge with us and see what flying can do for you!