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WWII Zipline on Battleship Missouri

Most people say that ziplining began in Costa Rica in the 1970s. We have a video here that shows a WWII Zipline in the Pacific. We are not claiming that ziplining was invented on the USS Missouri—which is located at Pearl Harbor, Oahu—but if you watch this video you can see what clearly looks like a zipline. The excitement begins at 1:13.

This video is part of the only color footage from the Japanese surrender ceremony that took place 70 years ago on September 2, 1945. The surrender instruments were signed on the deck of the USS Missouri while in Tokyo Bay, Japan. This video was taken as the Battleship Missouri was going to Japan.

They are ziplining from what looks like a destroyer to the USS Missouri. If you have ever seen the height of the USS Missouri, you will know that this is no small feat. The ziplining sailor seems to be in a seat as he is passed between the two ships while they are underway.

Since the USS Missouri is located on Oahu, we’ll take credit for coming up with ziplining. Take that Costa Rica.

While you can’t zipline from the USS Missouri, you can visit it. You can zipline at the excellent zipline courses that Oahu has to offer. Book your Oahu Zipline Tour Today.

Yes, we are familiar with a bosun’s chair, but this is Oahuzipline.com and to us it is a zipline.