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Zip Lining: What If You’re Afraid of Heights?

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Zip lining can be an exhilarating experience, but if you’re afraid of heights, it can also be a terrifying one. Zip line tours can take hours, and that means being at great heights for a long period of time. For some people, this is great. For those who are afraid of heights, not so much.

So how high off the ground will you be on a zip line tour anyway? Check out our guide to zip lines and heights and see if a zip lining tour is right for you.

How high is it anyway?

The short answer is that it varies greatly depending on the type of tour you want to take. Some zip line tours can take two, almost, three hours to complete, and you’re really covering a lot of ground. That’s a good thing. You’ll get to see more, and you’ll have access to views only birds can usually see.

Some zip lines can be as low as 40 feet and as high as 150 feet. Zip lines that are 40 feet high are usually a little shorter – the closer you are to the ground the more objects you could run into. The higher zip lines usually stretch a bit farther, and it takes longer to complete the tour.

For some people, being afraid of heights is too much for zip lining. If you’re one of those people, don’t be ashamed to not go.Do only what makes you most comfortable.

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What to do when you’re afraid of heights

If you do have a fear of heights but still want to try zip lining, then try out a few of these tips to help you relax as you go.

  • Analyze your fear: Everyone fears heights for a different reason. In a way, everyone is programmed to fear heights in some capacity – it’s a survival instinct after all. Some people fear heights for other reasons. It could be a childhood trauma or perhaps a negative voice in your head that prevents you from going. Naming why you’re afraid of heights might help you overcome it.
  • Speak with an instructor: Being afraid of heights is completely normal and fairly common. Your instructor has more than likely worked with hundreds of people with similar fears. He or she may have some good advice to help you get going.
  • Try rock climbing first: If you know you’re going to be zip lining soon, try to help your fear of heights by going rock climbing at a local gym first. Rock climbing in a gym is a controlled area. You’ll have instructors to help you and you can go as high as you like. If you keep going, you can build up to the higher rock walls and work on conquering your fears before you even try zip lining.

Remember, don’t ever go zip lining if your fear is overwhelming. Zip lining can be so much fun and such an incredible experience, but you won’t be able to enjoy it if you’re terrified the whole time. All instructors want to see everyone having fun, so if you’re fear of heights is too great, don’t worry about it. Stay on solid ground and try zip lining when you’re ready.