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Ziplining: Bringing the Essentials

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Knowing exactly what ziplining entails, you may be wondering what you could possibly need to bring along if I’m just enjoying a day on the lines? Like anything you do in Hawaii, there’s a way to simply enjoy your activity and then there’s a way that allows you to really get the most out of your unique experience.

Ziplining, despite its simplicity, is really no different than, say, a day of hiking. There are still some things you’ll want to bring along to get the most out of your Hawaiian ziplining experience.

Before You Go

Before you leave for your ziplining adventure, give some thought to what you should be wearing. When planning your outfit, consider that you’ll be zooming downhill and will be met with steady breezes. You don’t want overly loose and baggy clothing flapping in the breeze, potentially slowing you down. Wear something light that is well-fitted. You want to be comfortable in your clothing, so plan for shorts or light pants, a t-shirt, and maybe a windbreaker.

Moving down to your footwear, stick to closed-toe shoes. Sandals and slippers can easily fly off during your ride, causing a potential hazard for passersby and wildlife below. They’re also easy to trip over when you land. There is often a brief walk on unpaved surfaces from one platform to the next, and it’s not a comfortable walk with your feet exposed.

The Extras

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With what to wear out of the way, you can focus on a few of the extras you want to bring along.

While you’re waiting to take off on your zipline ride, you may find yourself standing in direct sunlight, so you’ll definitely want to travel with a high-SPF sunscreen. Even during your ride, you feel the rays of the tropical sun through the cooling winds. Along with sunscreen, you may want to pack a pair of sunglasses that you can easily stow on your ride.

During your zip it won’t be an issue, but on the platforms you may experience some of Hawaii’s peskier residents. A little bug spray can take care of this immediately, bringing you back to insect-free comfort.

The Technological Accompaniments

Kualoa Ranch Safety Teather

One of the amazing features of many Hawaiian ziplines is a state-of-the-art braking system that keeps you from having to worry about slowing yourself down on your approach. Thanks to this, you also have a free hand available which we recommend using to snap photos of your amazing views. Just be sure not to drop your camera!