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Zip Into Hollywood at Kualoa Ranch

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If you’re looking for a truly memorable ziplining experience the island of Oahu, set your sights on the lengthy course at Kualoa Ranch. This expansive zipline is an incredible experience for anyone wanting to feel better-connected to Hawaii, enjoy amazing thrills, and see a side of the islands that you may not have even known exist.

At Kualoa Ranch, you’ll be treated to amazing views and the adventure of a lifetime while getting to see an entirely different side of the islands – something a little more Hollywood.

Ziplining through the Movies

As you explore the expansive plains of Kualoa Ranch, you may feel hints of deja vu. The tall trees of the expansive forests, random structures built into the overgrowth, the towering mountains – chances are you’ve seen it all before. You see, not only is Kualoa Ranch an amazing spot for ziplining, it’s also been used countless times for some of Hollywood’s greatest blockbusters.

Godzilla Footprint at Kualoa Ranch

When you strap in for your zipline adventure, you’re launching yourself into a tour of Hollywood’s most beautiful sites. As you soar across the ranch, you see filming locations of movies like the Jurassic Park trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Godzilla, and many more, along with TV shows including The Amazing Race and Lost.

Be sure to have your camera ready to snap quick shots of these memorable locations as the zipline’s state-of-the-art rigging keeps your hands free. Show off your adventure hundreds of feet over Hawaii’s gorgeous and very memorable terrain.

Thrills of a Lifetime

Kualoa Ranch Safety Teather

Beyond giving you a look into the Hawaiian locations used in some of the most memorable Hollywood blockbusters and television series, Kualoa Ranch ziplining is a great thrill all on its own. Zoom through multiple courses in an incredibly freeing experience that provides breathtaking views of the windward coast Oahu and the Pacific Ocean. Perfect for all ages, this ziplining course is safe, fun, and the perfect addition to any family vacation in Hawaii.

What Else Does Kualoa Ranch Offer?

Once you’re done ziplining, you may be wondering “What’s next?” Kualoa Ranch is about more than just Hollywood and ziplining and is brimming with entertaining activities that get you closer to Hawaii than you ever imagined. From ATV tours over stretches of plains and through the thick forest to catamaran tours across the Pacific Ocean’s beauty, Kualoa Ranch is the go-to destination for travelers looking to get completely lost in every facet of Hawaii.

Fishponds, flower gardens, soft golden beaches, and deep rich jungles await adventurous travelers, whether you’re looking for a journey on four wheels or strapped in hundreds of feet over the beautiful terrain.